OMK Property Advisors & Rating Consultants

We provide a range of specialised real estate advisory services to individuals, companies, corporations, institutions and public bodies.

Smart, objective and accurate real estate advice. Expertise in rateable valuations, landlord & tenant, compulsory purchase, asset management, property management & valuations.


  • Efficient and timely collection of rents and service charge.

  • Project Manage upgrades, refurbishments and new works.

  • Preparation of property letting/re-sale.

“OMK best value advice on the market...

- CEO AXA Insurance Services

OMK Property Advisors & Rating Consultants understand the word partnership. Property consultancy is about working together to recognise opportunity; think creatively; and have the necessary experience to deliver the results.


We aim to provide expertise on valuations of commercial & residential property and development land, whether as general advice or for accounting, funding, legal or taxation purposes.


We endeavour to provide bespoke property management services and solutions across the residential, office, retail and industrial property sectors.

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